Two Great Workouts

I had two great workouts today.

Got home from work slightly earlier than usual, and with the wife still out I thought I’d hop on my bike quick and get my ride out of the way before she got home. Today was Antelope on TrainerRoad. This is a 90 minute ride consisting of 5×10 min Sweet Spot intervals. I find it hard to believe that I’m saying this,  but this is a hella fun ride. In fact, I found that yesterday’s ride – Geiger – to also be quite fun. Certainly way more fun than that FTP test from Tuesday. I had read online prior to selecting the Sweet Spot Base plan for my triathlon base training that it was generally a fun plan, and that does seem to be true (for all of the two workouts that I’ve done so far). I find that I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s session. I’ll post in the future about how I’m finding the plan. I’m sure that I’ll write fairly extensively about it once I’m a bit further in. For now, all smiles.

Today though, I hit 102.9 TSS on the ride in 90 mins, which is not shabby. A bit over the prescribed 96.0 as well. I’ll take it.

For my swim, I did a workout from the book that I use – Swim Workouts for Triathletes. Usually I ignore the warm up suggestions and do my own thing. So today my workout was this:

4 x (200m free, 50m kick)
3 x 400m NS, 30s rest
3 x 300m NS, 30s rest
3 x 200m NS, 30s rest
3 x 100m NS, 30s rest
200m CD

Idiot that I am miscounted, even with my Fenix tracking laps, and did one of the intervals at 450m, so I totaled 4050m. Again, not too shabby. Including WU and CD I averaged 1:39/100m, and through the sets I was pacing between 1:29 and 1:37/100m depending on the interval length. 96.7 TSS on that one.

So I racked up some work today. Just shy of 200 TSS points in a single day is a LOT of work for me this early in the season. But I’m friggin smiling and I’m friggin happy about it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s fun.

I’m 458/930 TSS points into this week, with lots of work left to do. I skipped my Monday swim because daylight savings time is the tool of the Devil, so I’m a bit behind where I “should” be, but I’m not worried. Base 1 Week 1 is going great!


Does everybody know what time it is?

Pool Time!

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I use this excellent book to guide a lot of my swimming. Tonight was a “Muscular Endurance – Distance” set.

Main set:
2 x 500: Race Pace + 30s SI
8 x 100: Race Pace + 30s SI
8 x 50: Race Pace + 20s SI

Currently, my race pace for a half-distance (2km) is about 1:35/100m. So I did some quick math in my head and figured I’d be going on ~8:30, ~2:05, and ~1:05 for those intervals. The 500s seemed about right, but for the 100s and 50s that seemed like way too much rest time. I’m there to work, not hang out in the shallow end!

On the fly adjustment for the 100s and 50s to:

4 x 100: Race Pace + 20s SI
4 x 100: Race Pace + 10s SI
4 x 50: Race Pace + 20s SI
4 x 50: Race Pace + 10s SI

Much better.

TSS: 79.2
IF: 0.96
Distance: 3200m

The pool was busy tonight! Deep end had water-polo practice on, and in the shallow end one lane was closed for what I think is dragon-boat practice. Kind of neat to watch those guys and gals. They work hard. The other 7 lanes were full of students tonight (I swim at the WLU pool in Waterloo, ON). Must be time to get some beach bods!

There were a lot of flippers tonight in the pool. I noticed one lane used flippers for the whole evening. I’m not sure if they’re triathletes or not but they were certainly fit. How much do you integrate flippers into your swimming? How do you track your data with flippers vs. not? Do you count it as drill?

Thanks for reading!