Does everybody know what time it is?

Pool Time!

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I use this excellent book to guide a lot of my swimming. Tonight was a “Muscular Endurance – Distance” set.

Main set:
2 x 500: Race Pace + 30s SI
8 x 100: Race Pace + 30s SI
8 x 50: Race Pace + 20s SI

Currently, my race pace for a half-distance (2km) is about 1:35/100m. So I did some quick math in my head and figured I’d be going on ~8:30, ~2:05, and ~1:05 for those intervals. The 500s seemed about right, but for the 100s and 50s that seemed like way too much rest time. I’m there to work, not hang out in the shallow end!

On the fly adjustment for the 100s and 50s to:

4 x 100: Race Pace + 20s SI
4 x 100: Race Pace + 10s SI
4 x 50: Race Pace + 20s SI
4 x 50: Race Pace + 10s SI

Much better.

TSS: 79.2
IF: 0.96
Distance: 3200m

The pool was busy tonight! Deep end had water-polo practice on, and in the shallow end one lane was closed for what I think is dragon-boat practice. Kind of neat to watch those guys and gals. They work hard. The other 7 lanes were full of students tonight (I swim at the WLU pool in Waterloo, ON). Must be time to get some beach bods!

There were a lot of flippers tonight in the pool. I noticed one lane used flippers for the whole evening. I’m not sure if they’re triathletes or not but they were certainly fit. How much do you integrate flippers into your swimming? How do you track your data with flippers vs. not? Do you count it as drill?

Thanks for reading!