I had a bad run. And now I’m in a bad mood.

Also I hate treadmills. It’s been about a week since I ranted about treadmills, so I guess I’m due.

I’m now fully convinced that treadmills and me do not get along. They’re evil. The weather tonight was cold and rainy – aka the worst possible weather imaginable. I’d take snow over this any day. So I decided to do my run indoors on the treadmill. Expecting the worst. Got worse than I expected.


Damn it was bad. This time the treadmill and my Garmin disagreed by over 500m. Closer than it has been, but still amounted to a pace differential of about 12 seconds per km over 13.2. Or 13.8. According to the treadmill I averaged 5:26/km. Garmin said 5:38.

Distance aside, my knees were not fans of this workout either. Something about my form changes when I’m on the treadmill vs. outside. I’m not sure what it is though – I can’t figure it out. I’ve looked at video of me running on the treadmill, but haven’t managed to find anything. Nothing obvious anyway. But there’s a huge difference in how it feels. I’m now wondering if it has to do with the way my muscles engage on the foot strike. Because the belt is moving forwards, I wonder if I’m not pushing my leg through the stride as you would have to outside, and instead just letting the belt carry my foot backwards until my calf muscles engage. This would obviously be a massive difference from outside, and may cause instability in the knee. No idea if this is what is happening, but I know that whatever is happening is not good.

When I finished the run today my knees were swollen. I could feel them swollen as I sat on the couch trying to not rage. Swelling has gone down now and they feel mostly back to normal, but that wasn’t a good feeling. I really don’t think I can run on the treadmill anymore. I just don’t get it. It’s frustrating.

Does anyone else have these kinds of problems? Other than running outside or indoor track are there any solutions? Any advice? Anything?


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