Weekly Workouts – 6 March to 12 March

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 8550m, TSS 197.4
Bike: 114.9 km, TSS 274.2
Run: 38.95 km, TSS 285.3
Total Duration: 10:56
Total TSS: 756.9
CTL: 58.5
ATL: 103.6
Form: -36.5
This was supposed to be my first structured week. And it mostly was. Using TrainingPeaks’ ATP, this was categorized as a “Preparation” week. Base 1 Week 1 starts tomorrow. Still, I came extremely close to my target weekly TSS of 780 for this week. That’s pretty great considering that I had a few workouts that just didn’t go well at all. And just like last week, ending this one on a high note, looking forward to more.


9.39 km / Treadmill
5 min WU walking
50 min slow build from @ 6:00/km
5 min CD walking
TSS – 66.9
IF – 0.77
Planned for 65.0 TSS, so this was pretty much on target. Felt good too.

TrainerRoad – Phoenix
Duration: 1:30
NP – 1.93 w/kg
TSS – 101.0
IF – 0.82
Monday after my run, I followed it up with some core work. It definitely helps on the bike in the power transfer but I was not recovered enough. My IT bands and glutes were not pleased with this, but I pushed through. Overall, pretty happy, but sore.

2 x (300m swim 100m kick)
5 x 100 on 2:00 SI
1 x 100m on 1:55 SI
100m CD
TSS – 30.6
IF – 0.86
Monday’s core work includes push-ups and some synergistic workouts that involve shoulders, biceps, and chest. I felt like I had tree-trunks for arms that wouldn’t bend. Just not recovered enough. I was planning for a 20 x 100 set but I missed my goal paces within the SI’s on every interval, and felt like crap doing it. So I bailed.

9.58km / Treadmill
5 min WU walking
50 min slow build from @ 6:00 / km
5 min CD walking
TSS – 71.9
IF – 0.80
Same as Monday.

TrainerRoad – Cumberland
Duration: 1:15
NP – 1.97 w/kg
TSS – 87.7
IF – 0.84
Happy with this one.

2 x (300m swim, 100m kick)
5 x 100m on 2:00 SI
5 x 100m on 1:55 SI
5 x 100m on 1:50 SI
5 x 100m on 1:45 SI
200m CD
TSS – 74.1
IF – 0.96
Redemption for Tuesday. If it was easier to set intervals on not-05 and not-10 second intervals I’d have done this a bit faster. I’ll have to look into this for next time.

9.18km / Treadmill
5 min WU walking
50 min slow build from 6:00 / km
5 min CD walking
TSS – 66.8
IF – 0.78
Starting to notice that my watch’s distance differs significantly from the treadmill. I need to do some looking into this. Otherwise felt good.
TrainerRoad – Big Squaw
Duration: 1:35 (of 2:30)
NP – 1.73 w/kg
TSS – 85.5
IF – 0.74
I wrote a full blog post about that here. Short version: knees.

2 x (300m swim, 100m kick)
2 x 1500m, desc every 500m
200m CD
TSS – 92.7
IF – 0.93
Did this workout last Saturday too, and compared to that I dropped more than 30 seconds off the first 1500 and over 60 seconds off the second from last week. This is going in the right direction.

10.8 km / Treadmill
5 min WU walking
10 km (watch) slow build from @ 6:00/km
5 min CD walking
TSS – 79.7
IF – 0.80
Planned for 65.0 TSS, I promise. This just felt so good I thought I’d do a bit extra at the end. Bonus round! But really noticing the difference between my watch’s speed/distance calculation and the treadmill. I’m not sure which is more accurate but I tend to believe the treadmill on the indoor workouts. According to that, I did ~11.5 km total. Once the weather warms this mostly won’t matter, but still weird that its different by that much.


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